Are Dandies good with children?

Always a good companion for the kids

Dandies seem to love kids. Our Dandies have worked as Delta registered therapy dogs with the elderly, disabled, and children.

Are Dandies very smart?

Playing catch at the beach

Just like all breeds (and people), there are smart and ‘not so’ smart Dandies. We have found that Dandies are stubborn and independent; therefore, they are often misconstrued as unintelligent. We find that Dandies are very intelligent, and as a result, they will get into lots of trouble if not given some activities to challenge them.

Do Dandies dig?

Dandies hunting

Dandies hunting on the mountain

They sure do…but you can teach them not to.

At the chicken coop gate

At the chicken coop gate

Do Dandies need a fenced yard?

Because Dandies were bred to hunt, their prey drive is very high. If a Dandie sees vermin run through the yard, he will chase it with lightning speed– even into traffic– so yes, a fence is important. For the same reason, your Dandie should always be on a leash when you walk him.

Grooming Day

Do Dandies shed?

No. A Dandie’s coat will get very long if he is not groomed every few months. The jacket part of the coat can be pulled or trimmed with clippers.


Do Dandies bark much?

Yes and no. They always have a lot to ‘say ‘ when folks come to visit but it is only for a moment. Dandies are excellent watch dogs because they are vigilant and alarm bark if they hear an unusual noise outside.

Chillin' on a summer day.

Chillin’ on a summer day.

Do Dandies get along with other animals?

Our Dandies have successfully lived with pet birds and cats when they have been introduced to them as young puppies. However, we do not place adult dogs with these animals. We do not recommend Dandies live with rodents…Dandies were bred to eliminate rodents. Dandies do get along with other dogs with one exception…an intact male with another intact male is NOT recommended.

What health issues do dandies have?

Dandies are a rare breed with a small gene pool, but reputable breeders have been very careful and as a result Dandies are fairly healthy as a breed. We watch for things such as glaucoma, cushings, and hypothyroidism in order to breed away from these maladies.

Don't let your Dandie get out of shape

Don’t let your Dandie get out of shape

Can Dandies use the stairs?

Absolutely! In fact Dandies are so athletic they can compete in agility. Our Dandies do a lot of hiking on rough mountain trails. The only time a Dandie should be restricted is if he is overweight, has defective joints, or has an incorrect topline such as a flat back. Although a Dandie is long and low, the curve and flexibilty over the loin area will protect his back from injury.

Be sure you dog (any breed) is trained to access the exit!

Be sure your dog (any breed) is trained to access the exit!

Can Dandies Swim?

Yes, they have large lung capacity which may help make them more buoyant. In fact they are strong swimmers, as long as their owners provide them with proper exercise. Some Dandies prefer to be couch potatoes for a living but that is not healthy.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Your dandies are quite wonderful.
    Is there a site which shows how to “show groom” them?
    I am thinking they may need to be hand stripped similar to a Scotty or Airedale?
    Thanks in advance for any response.

  2. Thanks Mary Anna. Yes there is a site that gives you good information about grooming Dandies for show. If you go to http://www.DDTCA.org (that is the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of America website) look at their store and click ‘grooming’, you will find a chart and videos. Show grooming a Dandie is a long process so the DVDs or videos are quite lengthy.

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