Dandie Dinmont Puppies

Pepper Dandie Dinmont puppy.

Pepper Dandie Dinmont puppy.

Important: Although we occasionally have Dandie Dinmont Terrier puppies for sale, we do not provide Dandies to dog brokers, organizations, pet stores, researchers, or breeders; loving families only please.

Dandie puppy and new owner meet

First Meeting

We like to get to know families before we consider them for one of our Dandie puppies. Dandies often live to 13 years or more so getting a Dandie puppy is a BIG commitment.

Puppy at the city pump

We use Optimal Selection to help us produce genetically diverse puppies. For more information click the link above.

Dandie mom and puppy video

Our Dandie puppies are usually over 4 months old before they go to their new homes because they need time. During their stay with us they receive immunizations, socialization, vet check and much more.

charlotteSiblingsin a Basket

The black puppy in the basket above is a pepper Dandie Dinmont. Peppers are born black and tan, as they get older they get lighter until they are a medium gray with lighter tan furnishings.

The light brown puppies are mustard Dandie Dinmonts and will get lighter until they have creamy colored topknots and leg furnishings.

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