Dandie Dinmont Terrier Nose Work

Heather VanOene and Clossongrey Truffle Hunter “Sam” recently passed the ORT (Odor Recognition Test). ORT is a prerequisite test that must be passed before a dog enters the more advanced Nose Work Trials. In order to pass his ORT, Sam had 3 minutes to identify an odor, and he had 3 separate odors to ‘mark’. Each odor was hidden in boxes inside a room, and Heather walked Sam on lead about the room allowing him to follow his nose to the scent. As he approached each scent, he instantly “alerted” Heather to his ‘find’. Sam identified anise in 11 seconds, birch in 17 seconds and clove in 12 seconds. Heather says Dandies are ‘a natural, when it comes to scent work training.’¬†¬†Great job Sam and Heather!!!!


Dandie Nose Work

Dandie Dinmont “Sam” doing odor recognition work



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