Dandie Dinmont Glaucoma Research Article Published August 31, 2013

Science Daily published an article on August 30, 2013 “A NOVEL LOCUS IDENTIFIED FOR GLAUCOMA IN DANDIE DINMONT TERRIER DOG BREED” 

After many years of research, Professor Hannes Lohi in Helsinki, Finland has identified a locus for glaucoma in Dandies.

Astute Dandie breeders who use Optimal Selection to help make mating decisions, look at chromosome 8 and try to produce dogs with as much diversity on chromosome 8 as possible. Although this doesn’t prevent glaucoma, it may help reduce the risk. At the moment diversity on chromosome 8 will have to suffice until an actual marker is found for glaucoma in Dandies.

See additional information at PHYS.ORG and PLOS ONE.


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