Reputable Dandie Breeders

A reputable breeder provides:

  • a healthy, nurturing environment for the dam and puppy
  • education about care, grooming and training your new puppy
  • support as needed throughout the entire life of your Dandie
  • a contract that outlines a guarantee, expectations, and protection for your puppy
  • security, by always taking your Dandie back if for any reason you cannot care for him; no matter his age or health…a shelter is NEVER an option.

Protecting our Dandies is serious business

Expect a reputable breeder to ask you lots of questions. A breeder who only askes you a few questions and is ready and willing to ship a puppy anywhere as long as fees are paid is a HUGE ‘red flag’.

Irish Champion Clossongrey Marshwiggle owned by Sheila Rolland of Kennel Dandiroyal, England

A reputable breeder takes the responsibility of breeding very seriously beginning with the planning before the puppy is conceived; taking care to study the phenotype and genotype of the parents in order to produce robust, beautiful, healthy Dandie puppies. In the USA, a reputable Dandie Dinmont Terrier breeder is, almost 100% of the time, a member of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of America (DDTCA), there are a few exceptions. The DDTCA promotes and protects the breed and mentors breeders regarding excellence in health and structure. Some DDTCA breeders use Optimal Selection to look at genetics before mating a pair of Dandies.

Contracts, contracts

Contracts, contracts


Contracts help explain the expectations we have of the folks who obtain a Dandie puppy from us. In addition, the contract outlines what the new owner can expect from us.

Dandie on the couchSpay/neuter

Our Dinmont puppies usually go to their new homes already spayed or neutered. Young puppies tolerate the surgery much easier than the older dogs. In fact, we find it is difficult to slow the puppies down enough to rest the first day or two after surgery. There is conflicting research about the long term effects of spay and neuter. Recent research points to some health problems resulting from early alteration. Please feel free to study this for yourself and discuss this with us.

Dandie in a suitcase

All packed up and ready to go.


Although we don’t ship puppies, we do place Dandie puppies anywhere in the USA and Internationally. If a puppy must travel a long domestic distance, he will fly in cabin accompanied by the breeder or the owner.



We microchip our puppies. A microchip is a small chip placed under the skin in the area of the puppy’s shoulder blades. Although it sounds awful, it is actually a very good thing if your puppy gets lost; microchips are easy for a veterinarian/shelter worker/animal control officer to scan and subsequently trace the owner. Sometimes lost dogs with microchips are reunited with their owners within hours.

AKC Breeder of Merit

The Clossongrey breeding program is honored by the prestigious AKC Breeder of Merit status.