Chicken Jerky Treats… Make Your Own Treats Instead

Almost 4,000 dog illnesses have been linked to jerky treats made in China. Some retailers are still selling the products, even though almost 600 dogs have died as a result of the ‘treats’. Despite extensive testing, the FDA has yet to link a compound (cause of the poisonings) to the illnesses.

Symptoms include:

  • gastrointestinal illness
  • kidney disease
  • seizures
  • tremors
  • skin irritation

Although chicken is the most common ingredient, some also contain duck, sweet potatoes, yams and dried fruits.

The best treatment is prevention, so make your own treats or use Cheerios (oat based food), dried peas, kibble …the options are endless!

Boy walking a Dandie

Brisk Fall Day

Nutrition: Obesity

A properly constructed Dandie Dinmont will be, as The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Standard says, ” The ‘topline’ is rather low at the shoulder, having a slight downward curve and a corresponding arch over the loins, with a very slight gradual drop from the top of the loins to the root of the tail. Both sides of the backbone well muscled. ” The reason Dandies do not have back problems is because of the well muscled arch over the loin area. The arch and muscle provide structural soundness, strength and flexibility.

An obese Dandie is in danger of back injury and a plethora of other health problems. An obese Dandie usually is out of condition and therefore the loin are is weakened. A weak loin with the added pressure of a few extra pounds is recipe for disaster.

Dandies hunting

Dandies hunting on the mountain

So how do you monitor and manage a Dandie’s weight?

  • Get into the habit of looking at your Dandie’s waistline when you feed him (chart).
  • Do not ‘free-feed’, rather measure his daily portions.
  • Adjust his portions according to your evaluation of his waistline.
  • Set aside some of his daily kibble  rations to use as treats throughout the day.
  • Use Cheerios or green beans for treats.
  • Use a high quality food without a lot of filler.
  • Provide some sort of daily exercise.

Nutrition Resources

  • The Ohio State Veterinary School is one of the best resources available for information about obesity, reading nutrition labels, managing food intake and more.
  • There are several high quality foods, we use Taste of The Wild Salmon, for the  ‘penny-wise’, Kirkland Brand at CostCo has a formula that is almost identical to Taste of The Wild.