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A cold rainy day Montgomery Weekend Show and Victoria’s third major.

We love Dandies! Dandie Dinmont Terriers are one of the oldest terrier breeds…some folks believe Dandies are the oldest.

Because Dandies are so rare, each of our breedings entail many hours of carefully studying depth and breadth of pedigrees. We look at health, temperament, type and soundness. We use line breeding and outbreeding to produce the best Dandie puppies possible.

Canadian Best In Show and Best Bred By In Show
Am Bronze Grand Ch & Can Ch Clossongrey As You Wish

Our short term and long range goals for the Clossongrey breeding program are driven by adherence to the Official Standard composed by the Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of America and our desire to preserve the Dandie’s genetic diversity. We hope to see this endangered breed continue strong, healthy and of correct type for many generations to come.

Wesley at Crufts

At Crufts, a few thousand miles from home and still he showed to perfection. He loves the ring.

Sweet Cordelia

Sweet Cordelia

“Cordelia” Ch King’s Mtn Cordelia RN

Our love for Dandie Dinmonts began in 1998 while watching Ch Montizard King’s Mtn Kricket  (bred by;  Doug Young of Kennel Montizard)  win her group placement at Westminster. Several years later Kricket’s grandaughter Cordelia (bred by;  Roy and BA Stenmark, S Pretari) was whelped at Clossongrey. We have enjoyed Dandies and Dandie puppies around our feet ever since. Cordelia is a memory now, we miss her deeply. She was one of the most wonderful dogs we have ever owned. We will always be grateful to BA Stenmark for letting us have her.

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